Is this the end of Mainframe Era?

Raise a finger if you have ever seen a Mainframe? Well, very few people these days know or have even heard of Mainframes. This is all thanks to iPads, iPhones and Android Tablets that have flooded the market. The only issue is that people will never get the chance to appreciate technology of old that made technology of today possible. I am sure many of you will feel the same way.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently announced the shut-down of its last remaining Mainframe computer. NASA is one big organization that makes heavy use of computer processing power to launch satellites into space, as well as coordinate several planetary missions. Marshall Space Flight Center powered down NASA’s last mainframe, the IBM Z9 Mainframe. IBM 360-95 was used to solve complex computational problems for space flight.

As we all know, every good beginning must come to an end. We now have Mainframe capable computers with several cores the size of refrigerators unlike their ancestors that required special housing units built to fit them. We can only sit back and watch what present generation of computers will achieve. For instance, I am hoping a new series of BattleStar Galactica would fuel my imagination.

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