Hackers strike at iPhone maker, Foxconn


A group of hackers going by the name SwaggSec launched an attack on Foxconn, the Chinese company that makes iPhone for Apple, and posted data it stole from their servers. Reports suggest that data containing usernames and passwords of employees where stolen before access to the server was shutdown.

The hackers bragged about their attack on Pastebin where they cited “inhuman conditions the workers experience” as one of the motivations for the hack. They also noted that “Foxconn did have an appropriate firewall” but they hackers were able to “bypass it almost flawlessly.”

SwaggSec have distributed a 6.04MB file — through Demonoid and The Pirate Bay — which contains login and password information for Foxconn’s email servers, intranets, and various other company-affiliated sites.

Cick here to readup on SwaggSec’s post on Pastebin.