Inspiring Tech Stories: Young App Developer- Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez is a twelve year old app developer. Yep! you read right, he is just twelve years old and has developed Apps for Apple, owns a startup company called CarrotCorp  and has an inspiring TED talk video that has been viewed by millions around the world and you are going to join them by following the link to watch this inspirational video of a little boy with ideas, talent and spirit.

When he was nine he downloaded the iOS developer toolkit and simulation tool unto his computer and while his mates were busy playing video games, he was busy teaching himself how to build games. He learnt Python, Java and C on his own and has since started an app club helping other kids build and share their own creations.

His first app was EarthFortune, he created the game Bustin Jeiber, a whack the mole game which instead of the mole, you get to whack Justin Beiber as he moves around the screen, a lot of young boys out there will love to whack Justin on the head for his fame and Selena Gomez. Thomas has since attended Consumer electronics show and has given a TED talk. He is developing his next iPhone App and learning to develop for Android.

An interesting and highly inspirational story which brings to focus how sometimes the youngsters in Africa are limited in their chances of truly exploring their potential. There isn’t any real focus on Tech Education in primary and secondary schools, a lot of untapped talent. P.I.N is trying to change that with the launch of T.E.N.T in tertiary institutions but who knows what lays latent in our young thoughts.

Are you thinking about a mini Co-Creation Hub for junior tech whiz? Ideas? Anyone.


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