Apps Backup on Andriod

One major set back i have always had with Android is ability to backup installed application on your Android mobile device. Previous version of the Android OS (1.6 & 2.1) allows to some extent some backup functionality like contact backup while recent versions 2.x allows you to backup contacts as “.pcf” files. Its worth to note if you are upgrading your device from a 1.6 or a 2.1 or 2.2 to the gingerbread 2.3, you wont be able to restore your contacts as the backup & restore function (application) was removed. The only option you have is to find a way to convert the backed up file, which is proprietary to a “.pcf” file so you can restore back your contacts.

But this is not enough when you have 10s of application downloaded from the Android market and installed on your device. Up to the current gingerbread, you still can’t backup your installed application. This i think Google should have considered in Android ICS but am yet to confirm the existence of an application backup & restore functionality.

The Apple products have mastered this technology with the use of “itunes” and Apple users are rest assured they have all installed applications on their mobile devices backed up.

Nevertheless, I can tell you all hope is not lost peradventure you need to backup your installed Android applications on your mobile device. You can download and install the “Astro SMB Module” from the Android Market. This application is actually a file and process manager but also avails you the opportunity to backup your installed applications to your device or an external memory device.

Kudos I say to the developer who has allowed this wonderfully option. To enjoy this App, just type “astro” into your Android market and you can take it up from there.What are you waiting for? Start backing up your app today.