Google introduces free Android training classes

If you are into mobile application development, you probably may have realized that lots of developers seem to program more for Apple’s IOS platform. Several surveys have revealed that mobile application developers are more likely to build for IOS than for Android. Google realizing this threat is taking steps to lure more developers as well as help existing Android developers build better Android applications that will compete with their IOS counterparts.

Google just launched a new program called  Android Training  which is currently in Beta. The training contains sample application classes that Google hopes will help you build better Android apps. From designing effective navigation, managing audio playback, to optimizing battery life, these classes are designed to demonstrate best practices for solving common Android development problems.

Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem, or implement a feature, with plenty of code snippets and sample code for you to use within your own apps. It is expected that over the time the number of classes and materials will increase to over the next few months.