Google+ adds stream noise control and an updated photo interface

If you haven’t heard of Google+, you definitely have not started living. Google+ was started earlier this year and was termed the fasted growing social network at a time. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and has been giving Facebook a lot of competition from a privacy control point of view. To find out more about Google+ follow the link

To the already initiated, Google+ has just rolled out a few updates to its pages. The most important been the Stream Noise control.  This feature allows you to control the amount of updates that appear the page while you reading a post. The stream doesn’t stay in place; when new content appears, it bumps the rest down, even if you’re hovering over something. How is this useful? Well if you have a Circle which is really active, you can reduce the frequency of post updates that come up on the page. To fully explain it, here is a video.

If you have been following Google+ news you would have heard a while back that Google+ now offers Pages. Pages is basically the same concept as Pages in Facebook for brands and companies. With the recent update, Google+ now allows a Page to have up to 50 Page Administrators. Isn’t that great or what?


Photos have been a killer feature of Google+ since launch, especially for Android users. Today’s update retools the Web interface for viewing photos to improve the social parts – tagging and commenting – while keeping the photos in the center of attention.