PlayStation Vita launches in Japan – 321,400 units sold in two days

PlayStation is a household name amongst kids these days, starting from the big console to the portable handheld version. Recently, Sony launched its newest version of the popular handheld device named the PlayStation Vita. The rumour of a possible launched date has been floating around for longer than I can remember but its finally here in Japan.

Sony has pinned a lot of hopes on the Vita, which is the company’s answer not only to the Nintendo 3DS gaming handheld but popular gaming apps on smartphones and tablets as well. Enterbrain, which is the parent of Famitsu, estimates Sony Vita sales will reach 1.4 million in its first week on the market. That’s a respectable number.

But the Vita sales have apparently fallen short of the Nintendo 3DS, which sold 371,326 units in its first two days.  Also, looking to the past, the previous-generation NIntendo handheld, the Nintendo DSi, sold 170,779 units in its first two days while the PlayStation Portable sold 166,074 units on its first day and sold out the original shipment of 200,000 by its second day.