Free Internet For All In 2020?

There is this common saying in Nigeria- awoof dey run belle! meaning nothing is free, everything comes with a price but not in Namibia as there has begun an implementation of the provision of free internet access for schools, health centers and universities.

The government has spent a total of 37.5 million dollars to make this dream a reality. To think about how much corrupt Nigerian politicians spend on their lavish lifestyles. The country partnered with Telecom Namibia to make this dream a reality

There is a dream for every Namibian child to have a computer. though the country is plagued with the similar problems we have here in Nigeria in terms of electricity and internet access and high cost which results in stagnation of the SMEs and reduced profit margin for corporations who waste money on alternative sources of electricity.

Internet access will be free on Namibian state-owned premises as well as individuals on the premises. In addition, the cost of Internet will be reduced drastically for business people and private individuals.

Namibia gained independence in 1990, this is for people who urge others not to use American standards to measure Nigeria because America has been in existence far longer than us. Namibia has seen a steady growth in internet usage.

Why have I decided to write about this, because am I am impressed by what the government is doing to aid growth and development.

How close are we to having free internet access? Maybe a million light years away. Government isn’t setting its priorities straight in terms of Education, if our generation is like this, think about the next generation.

When will the Nigerian government partner with telecoms operators? When will we have stable  electricity. When will the private sector also realize it has a part in this struggle. So many things to rant about but we don’t have to go far away to the Americas or Europe, our African neighbor is setting the pace.


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