SeeAm Helps You Locate ATM in Nigeria?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re in a new place and you’re in need of an ATM? SeeAm from  Hinansho Green helps identify the closest ATM to your current location and gives turn-by-turn navigation to the location of the particular ATM.

If you are particular about which ATM to use, SeeAm helps sort them by banks. SeeAm has the list of ATM locations and bank addresses throughout Nigeria, and you are given an option to see ATM location on a Map and view the route from where you are.

You dont want to be in a place asking a total stranger for the location of the closest ATM – you can never tell if the stranger would turn out to be the person holding you up for the money you just withdrew. SeeAm gives you all the information about ATMs you need, you dont have to ask strangers for direction.

Here at the highlighted feature:

  • View locations of ATMs throughout Nigeria (list and map)
  • Find ATMs closest to your current location
  • See a list & map of the nearest ATMs
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation to a particular ATM

SeeAm is claims to be the only app out there with extensive database coverage of ATM locations of all banks within Nigeria and is currently available for Android and BlackBerry devices. It is offered for download on the Google Play Store and BlackBerry App World.

The current version is fully functional for 7-days. Afterwards, users can access the full ATM list but there is no access to locations and turn-by-turn navigation. To restore full functionality, users will have to upgrade for a sum of 350 Naira.

Quick, simple and accurate are the three selling point for SeeAm, and is to help you find what you need – ATM machines in this case, and it could be useful with Nigeria going Cash-Less.


About Hinansho Green
Hinansho Green is an application development group based in Nigeria. Currently, Hinansho Green is primarily focusing on Mobile App Development. The group was founded in 2011 with the aim to produce high quality applications and products. By offering wonderful applications, they hope to enrich the lives of their users by combining useful information while utilizing the latest technology. They endeavor to provide great functionality, value, design, customer support, and community for all users. Website Email

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