For The Developer: Nokia Webinar on Monetization Tools

Revenue models is perhaps the biggest issues for developers, especially since it’s all tech and little business knowledge. That is why only a few go on to cash-in on apps, systems, solutions they develop. Right now I can only think of Facebook and the makers of Angry Birds. Good thing mobile – especially OS manufacturers such as Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows), and Nokia (Windows, Symbian) now create ways on opening the eyes of the developer to means of monetization.

So, here’s an opportunity (for Nokia Developers) to learn how to monetize your free app with ads and increase revenue by providing ‘freemium’. In this webinar you’d learn to take a deeper look at in-app advertising and in-app purchasing. Participate in the session and get a foundation for starting to earn money with Nokia Store.

  • Date – March 28
  • Time – 5pm Nigerian Time (4:00 HRS GMT+1)
  • Place – Sign up here! 

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