Nokia’s Dont Break The Beat Contest

The gap between technology and music is closing up real fast, and perhaps it doesn’t even exist anymore, as we now experience overlaps every now and then. Music has found it’s way to the core technology or vice versa.

Nokia is well know for embedding music into its product, and may be the only manufacturer that produce music editions of its phones. Little wonder it has come up with a campus activation – Don’t Break The Beat Contest, that will take place in cities around the country. Contestants will get the chance to battle it out to see who is the best rapper in Nigeria.

The top winner gets N1,000,000 and 2nd place get N500,000.  No doubt, many complimentary prizes – mobile phones, will be given out. All entries are to be made via the Facebook page, and those who wish to participate need to go to there to register. Others can RSVP to attend and stand a chance to win prizes at the venue.


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