Did Jobberman Just Go Social With iROKING.com?

‘No Way, Not This Way’ was all I could say, as I opened the mail from Jobberman with subject ‘Listen to Music from iroking.com‘. Perhaps there’s been a previous newsletter stating a partnership between iROKO partners and Jobberman, so job seekers can ease off the stress with some good music. I sure didn’t get that mail.

Scrolling through the newsletter or ‘Ad’, I noticed it was purely an  iROKING thing, and to confirm this, the mail ended with a ‘ Kind Regards, The iROKING Team‘. The picture is that the ‘iROKING team’ hacked into the the Jobberman mailing system to send out an Ad. Whether this is to the knowledge of Jobberman or not is another issue.

One thing is sure though. Jobberman and iROKING (iROKO Partners) have some dealings. How do I know? Well I quickly dashed down to the Jobberman website and right on the Privacy Policy page, I saw the iROKING ‘Listen Now’ banner nicely placed on the right pane. Although, complete details on whatever partnership (or whatever you want to tag it) is unknown, again, that is another issue.

  • Did Jobberman get hacked by iROKING to send this ‘Ad’  to the hundreds of thousands (I want to assume that’s the number)?
  • Did Jobberman send out this Ad and was too lazy to make it look ‘Jobberman-ish’ (at least remove the ‘Kind Regards, The iROKING Team’)?
  • According to the privacy policy,Does Jobberman have a right to send me (and other subscribers) this iROKING Ad?
  • [insert other question(s) here]

I did not read the Term of Service until now, but common sense has kept me within the mentioned terms. Yes, the iROKING banner is on that page too, but I don’t have a problem if Jobberman decides to place iROKING Ads on their site.

The problem is why Coca-Cola will send me a news letter to get the latest Nike shoes (especially if I wouldn’t get a can pack of Coke upon purchase).

I do hope to uncover the ‘motive’, ‘reason’, and ‘purpose’ behind what happened, and even though I wanted Jobberman to embed ‘social features’ to its services, I didn’t mean going the iROKO way (even though this happened to be my first, and probably my last time visiting iROKING.com).

Screenshots Below:

Above: From The Mail Box

Jobberman’s Privacy Policy Page

Jobberman’s Terms of Service Page


I have sent out a mail to one of the ‘Jobberman Trio’ (for some reasons I love the ring of that),  as well as Jason Njoku  of IROKO Partners. Let’s see what they’ve got to say.