Developer’s Corner: Compass On Your Mobile Device That Comes With The Pirate Feel

Editor’s Note: Remember My Checklist? The simple task manager that helps keep track of your “To Dos” in your personal or professional life? Well the app-maker Tunde Olabenjo (Vevici Technologies Limited) sent me an email about another app he just added to the Apple app store, as well as the Android market place – now part of Google Play.

If you’ve always wanted to have the feel and look of Captain Jack Sparrow, you have no excuse now. The Pirate Compass is simple yet classy and easy to use, and I know this first hand, as I did try it out on one of my visits to the lab. The app is available on iOS – iPhone and iPad, as well as Android powered devices – phones and tabs.

Pirates Compass provides you with a sleek compass interface, a clear navigation text including an old map background that you can show off to your friends. It gives all bearings due True North and Magnetic North.

Android users can download the app. The experience is also available for iOS users, so download to your devices. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later). Unfortunately, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, and Symbian users will either have to wait or forget about this experience.

What to expect next from Tunde Olabenjo or Vevici Technologies Limited? Only time will tell. If you are a developer and have an app or product you want to showcase or a story to tell, do feel free to contact me-


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