Nigeria: Card, ATM & Mobile Expo Africa 2012

To all those who prefer to hide money under the carpet, inside their mattresses, or even in holes in the ground, this is not for you, and you got no reason to read this. However, if you’ve not missed out on the term ‘cashless society/economy’,  then read on.

Presenting the 12th edition of the Card, ATM & Mobile Expo Africa 2012 (the biggest of its kind in Africa), taking place from the 12th to the 14th of June, at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The world as we know is becoming a global village. You can be in your house, in some remote village in Maiduguri, and get goods sent directly to you from anywhere in the world, just at the click of a button.

The ATM and ATM card were the pioneers of these modes of payments which are part of the ongoing Cashless trend. Recently, the CBN has issued circulars to help reduce the amount of physical cash circulating in the country.

The Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and debit cards are the ones most Africans are familiar with, but there are alternatives such as internet banking, mobile banking. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of Africans either do not know that such alternatives exist, or they do not know how to make use of them.

This is what this expo is all about:

Creating awareness on the different methods of cashless payment.

Exhibit their usefulness in various situations

Show how to use these alternatives.

This event is not only educative, as there will be seminars and open workshops, adequate refreshments, but with lots of fun , as souvenirs will be given out, awesome prizes will be won at the raffle draws and on the last day is a Gala nite for networking with the players in the industry.


The Date: 12th – 14th of June, 2012.

The Venue: Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This event is open to all who would not like to be left out of the train of innovative cashless solutions. Do visit the event page to register, as well as to check for free Buses schedule.


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