Change in Fedora Project Leadership


One of the things loved most about the Fedora Project is the opportunity for people to move and grow in (and out) of different roles and responsibilities. The position of Fedora Project Leader, in particular, has never been a long-term leadership position, but one that regularly invites new people to assume the role and bring new ideas and new energy to the project.

Jared Smith is stepping down from the position of Fedora Project Leader (FPL) for reasons currently unknown. Smith has been the FPL since June 2010, when he replaced Paul W. Frields who stepped down from the same position before him. In his mail Smith thanked all those who have worked hard to help drive Fedora forward.

Smith’s designated successor is Robyn Bergeron, who is employed by Red Hat and has previously held the position of Fedora Program Manager. She was also involved in the Fedora marketing team and organised the FUDCon Tempe conference in 2011. Smith says that he will help Bergeron get acquainted with the role in the coming months. In addition to planning FUDCon Tempe in 2011 and helping to lead the Marketing and Cloud SIGs within Fedora, Robyn has been an integral part of many other Fedora events and endeavors.

Click here to read the mailing list message announcing this change in leadership.