Scalado’s Camera Lets You REMOVE Unwanted Stuff


Scalado has created a photo-taking system that allows you to selectively remove people in a photo. How does it work? It basically interpolates the “clean” version of the scene by watching the moving, live objects. It’s not rocket science, but it’s pretty cool.

They’ll be showing a working version at MWC in Barcelona this year – a major telecom event – and it should launch for iOS and Android soon. Quoth the press release:

Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, have today announced the release of a new revolutionizing product named Remove. Remove is a technology that automatically highlights and removes any unwanted object from a captured photo. It is the world’s first Object removal software to be released on a mobile device.

Still don’t get how it works, then watch this video. You can also read more on REMOVE from the Product Page.