CcHub Application Now Opens

CcHub last week announcedits membership plan and has gone a step further today by making available the membership application form. There are still 4 tiers of membership available and this includes Red, Orange, Green and Blue. We are giving a brief summary of all the 4 tiers of membership below. Click here for full details.

Red Membership: Red membership is open to individuals who wish to be part of CcHUB community virtually or participate in events occasionally. This is free of charge to interested members. members.

Orange Membership: Orange membership is for anyone who meets CcHUB basic requirements for membership and clearly demonstrates potential value to the community. Members will have flexible co-working space, meeting spaces, events and resources available to help you scale your projects and start-ups. 

Green Membership: This is for Startup or projects owners that are in pre-incubation phase. Members will get access to a working space, mentoring, community of experts and users and ultimately capital.

Blue Membership: This is a tier for tech companies and corporate organisations interested in technology application and innovation in Nigeria. As a Blue member, you will get full access to the community i.e. space for event, access to expertise and use of living lab for product testing/launch. The fee for this will be communicated when it is decided.

The CcHub will open to the members in September 2011. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to submit your application.