Catching up with the $5 Billion Facebook IPO drama

 Twitter and Facebook timelines, as well as popular blogs such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and The Next Web, all have one thing thing in common at the moment, perhaps the most talked about event in the tech world as you read this – The Facebook $5 Billion IPO. It’s official that Facebook has decided to go public.

Facebook filing for the $5 Billion IPO may have been the major event, but a lot has been unraveled in the process. You can say going public has brought a good amount of information to the knowledge of the public. Not to bore you with all the TMIs, I have decided to share the major stories and points.

Facebook Files For $5 Billion IPO
Facebook is looking to raise $5 billion— and will mint hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of employees as millionaires in the process. However Zuckerberg pleads with investors to understand the company’s vision and philosophy, as it’s plausible to say some investors will be picking up shares for the mere interest of making maximum profit, regardless of vision or business model.

Facebook made Profit of $1 Billion on a revenue of $3.7 Billion in 2011
These figures did take alot of people aback as profit grew 65% as compared to the previous year, while revenue grew by 88%. This will definitely be a key feature that’ll attract investors in the on going IPO. Zynga makes up 12% percent of Facebook revenue

Who’s got what in Facebook?
Mark Zuckerberg is the largest shareholder with 28.2% of the company. He’s followed by Accel (invested in 2005) and Accel Partner Jim Breyer who owns 11.4%  of the company. Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz owns 7.6% of the company, followed by DST with 5.4 percent. Peter Thiel, Facebook’s first investor, owns 2.5 percent. I don’t see Sean Parker though?

Mark Zuckerberg to join $1 per year salary CEO club.
Zuck will also joining the likes of Steve Jobs (late) of Apple, Elon Musk (Telsa Motors), Lee Iacocca (Chrysler Corporation), Jerry Yang (Former CEO Yahoo!),   Sergey Brin, Lary Page and Eric Schmidt (Google), Meg Whitman (HP), not forgetting Arnold Schwarzenegger (former Governor of California), and Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City) as $1- a – year CEO, starting from 2013. How much will he be cutting? $499,999. Don’t think he’d be letting go of the $220,500 per half-year bonus though.
Some other things you may be interested:
  • Facebook reveals that 845 Million log-on monthly, of which 483 Million are daily users and over 422 Million access via mobile.
  • Facebook is growing everywhere, with Europe leading with 229 Million and Asia catching up with 212 Million. What about Africa?
  • Facebook wants all 2 Billion Internet users, however the rate of growth has been experience decline over time.
  • Facebook Ads are becoming a little more valuable, and the mobile may be the next big market, judging from the number of traffic it brings to the site.
  • Games to Apps to generate revenue of up to $577 Milllion for Facebook.
  • Looking to read the Facebook IPO document that was placed on the SEC Website? That may be impossible, since the site crashed a few hours after posting was made. However, thanks to TechCrunch you can see it here
Should Facebook wary over anything, now that it has gone public? Well a few things that have increased risk includes – Mobile, Government (policy), Slowed Growth, Google+, as all of these and more will affect operations of the company for better or worse. Goodbye to Revenue Speculation, as nothing is hidden, and all is open for all to see and scrutinize.
To leave you on a happy note, check out this video that made me laugh the most about the whole Facebook IPO drama, but make no mistake, I’d be looking to get a share of what Facebook is offering to the public, one way or the other.