3 Things that Tells Us More about Cell Phone Tracker

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How far can you use the options and functions of a cell phone tracker? We could probably maximize the software usage to the point where it could no longer provide useful information.

But what is the importance of knowing the boundary usage limit of cell phone tracker? Well, for one thing, using it does not always yield a positive result for the user. Sometimes, it could be more than just a simple spying application. Some people might be oblivious to this, but cell phone monitoring software can actually do something behind its operation that could cause unexpected and (sometimes) unwanted results.


The Software Collects More Data than what it should

Tell me something about the data that cell phone monitoring software collects. Okay, so we know that it obtains usage and location data from the target phone. But what about other data and information that was inadvertently carried by the data that it has collected? For example, your daughter has received a strange unknown phone call from a person that does not seem to be her acquaintance. The information would carry an unknown variable, something that would make you wonder (or worry) “Who in the world was that?”

This could even get more ridiculous if the master unit tries to monitor the phone continuously for a sustained amount of time. Just how much junk information would the cell phone tracker collect? And are you diligent enough to keep cleaning that heap of useless data?


The Data it collects is subject to the User’s Understanding

So, instead of cleaning up those usage data, you then decide to keep all of it instead. Now what? How do we interpret the collected data of some vague location and a string of seemingly meaningless text messages? At this point you should understand already that any information that you cell phone tracking software intercepts would ultimately be subject to your own judgment. Sometimes, the data could be clear and straight. But at times when usage data is “foggy”, do we decide to do something for the sake of “not just sitting around”?


The Software is a Potential Liberty-Erasing Weapon

A mobile phone that is constantly being observed by a cell phone tracking software is basically shackled down, and at the very mercy of the software’s owner.  Symbolically, the first chain, connected to the person’s torso, is the GPS tracking system. The next chain, connected to the neck, is the phone usage data. Lastly, the final chain, connected to both wrists, is the observation of how the owner uses the phone all day. Even if we are to declare that this is all for the betterment of everyone, it still doesn’t look that good for the phone owner’s general freedom.

In using cell phone tracker, please always consider all of the variables involved. Its uses may be considered as benefits, but it could sometimes bear a negative influence both to its user and to the ones being observed, when not properly utilized.


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