BSA Report: Nigeria Lost USD$250 Million To Software Piracy In 2011

Before sharing the piracy report, I will like to explain more about Piracy. What precisely is it? There are countless definitions but I will share a bit and at the end of this post you will realize we are guilty of at least one type of Piracy.

Piracy is the creation of duplicate unauthenticated copies of a copyrighted item, the illegal distribution and reproduction of a software for business or personal use.

It is copyright infringement in electronic, audio and visual media. It is the deliberate, sometimes indeliberate infringement of copyright on a commercial scale. Indeliberate means when you share copyrighted content with others, make no mistake when you purchase a software and loan it out to friends to install, since you have caused financial loss to the copyright owner you are culpable.

There are different types: Online piracy- this refers to sites that allow for illegal downloading of music, movies and video games. Software piracy- duplication of expensive programs. It is essential to know that software that is neither freeware nor shareware cannot be legally distributed online. No doubt though there is financial loss, piracy has promoted ubiquity and availability. When you ask people why there’d rather download for free or purchase a 300naira copy of a software, music, game or movie, their reasons cost and availability.

In America, piracy laws allow 5 years in prison if guilty, the same can not be said for Nigeria, it is accepted as a way of life. What is the solution? Someone said Open source. Is there really a solution? Harsher prison sentences maybe. Go on to Page 2 to read the BSA Report:  Finds Software Piracy Rates in Nigeria Remain Stagnant, and Value of PC software theft in the region totals more than $251 million in 2011.


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