Yrn.me Out with New Design

Yrn.me, Nigeria’s URL shortener, built by Ahmad Mukoshy has just launched a new design. Yrn.me is a mini url-shorter that works and is the first url shortner developed by a Nigerian. Yrn.me’s strength is its ability to to shorten web addresses and make them attractive and friendly like “yrn.me/abc12”. Users also have the option of generating customer links like “yrn.me/lagos” on top of any long web address.

The new design is clean and easy to navigate. A user doesn’t necessary have to register to use the service. All you have to do is to enter the long url and you will get the shorter version. However, if you want to track your link, you need to register as a user.

The new design comes with new features which include:

  • link snapshots
  • folder organisation
  • notes
  • twitter share and
  • free graphical link statistics

Also, developers can now use yrn.me to shrink their urls remotely. We are, however, waiting for the wordpress plugin of yrn.me. We believe this will definitely be a hit as many people are waiting for this already.