Startup wants to help you flip your idea

Flippii, a platform created to help you flipp your ideas, and get to meet people interested in them recently launched to the public. Flippii allows you to share your interests and plan on collaborating or supporting your idea. The project was conceived and launched at the Garage48 event held in Lagos between 06 and 08 May 2011.

There are currently 5 top rated ideas on Flippii. We expect this to increase as people get to know about the service. One problem we believe Flippii is trying to solve is that of lack of collaboration between developers and potential business owners in Nigeria. Most people work in isolation and will therefore find this service very useful. You can try out the service for yourself by visiting Flippii website. The service comes at zero fee to the users but we can’t guarantee that this will always be the case. So, hurry up and try the service today.

What is Garage48?

Garage48 is an event to turn your ideas into working prototypes or services within one weekend, just 48 hours. The first Garage48 event in Africa took place in Lagos, Nigeria. 9 enthusiastic teams started working on Friday evening and launched their new services on Sunday demo night on 8th of May at the Lagos Resource Centre, Victoria Island.