Google Launches Youtube in Nigeria

Google on Wednesday, 07, Dec. 2011 launched in a Google Content Creators’ Workshop event at Civil Centre Lagos. This is expected after the launch of Google Traders and GNBO initiative by Google. With over 3 billion views a day, YouTube is the world’s largest audience, and a mode of communication that allows everyone’s voice to be heard.

According to Patric Walker, Youtube’s Senior Director of Content Partnerships for EMEA, Nigerians are passionate about music, entertainment and many other genres that YouTube offers. By launching YouTube locally, Google wants to help people to find the most popular videos in Nigeria, along with those that are rising in popularity.

Google believes this will now make local video search meaningful and more relevant, and it will help the rating of Entertainment industry in Nigeria. But I agree with techmtaa‘s position on this. Google’s strategy for doing this is not really clear at the moment. The same contents listed as popular on the Nigeria YouTube links are listed as popular on other localised YouTube sites like Kenya and South Africa.

Only a time will tell if this will help to redefine the way Nigerians search for music and video contents online.