What Possibilities Exist With The New Windows Phone 8?

Two days ago it was Windows Surface tablet that was showcased by Microsoft. The Tablet looks stunning and so many folks who followed the presentation actually loved it. As if that was not enough, Microsoft yesterday also unveiled the Windows Phone 8 and mentioned a few things to expect that got many fans and would-be-fans excited.

The announcement brought about some good news and bad. We know that when Microsoft first brought about Windows Phone, they did not create a path for Window Mobile users to upgrade. It was not possible to move from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone (WP) as WP was a completely new OS that was designed from scratch.

Enter WP8. The thought that a Window Phone 7 won’t be getting an upgrade to WP8 is upsetting to so many of the people who have bought devices like the Nokia Lumia 900. It isn’t totally as bad. Microsoft made it clear that they are going to provide a certain update for them that will bring limited featured of the WP8 to their WP7 device.

Why Won’t Windows Phone 7 be upgraded to Windows Phone 8?

The reason for not pushing the update to these devices running WP7 is because, the new upgrade to WP8 will make use of deep integration of NFC, Multicore support and VoIP integrations.

A few other good things about this announcement is that, apps that are developed for WP7 will run perfectly well on the WP8. Microsoft made sure that compatibility was built into it. There’s more. The frame work will make it easy for developers to develop apps for Windows 8 and be able to port it easily to Windows Phone 8 without re-writing the code from scratch, just some minimal changes. This ability is called common core– write for Windows 8 and easily port to Windows Phone 8.

There will also be a lot of offering for the business folks here [Blackberry watch your back]. Windows Phone 8 will also include several business-specific hooks. Some IT administrators have been somewhat dissatisfied with Windows Phone 7. Microsoft think they’ve filled those gaps with Windows Phone 8. The hooks include encrypted content and secure boot, the ability to sign applications, and enabling device management with familiar techniques and tools.

There are things to excite you, and makes it look more likely for Microsoft to acquire Nokia, so as totake control of the hardware, especially if Nokia does not put it’s house in order. [Just some gut feeling]

In all of these, I am yet to see a store in Nigeria that is selling a Window Phone device. Nokia has not even launched the Lumia Windows Phone here. But Microsoft is going to support 50 languages and sell Windows Phone 8 in 180 countries, Myerson said, calling it the “best lineup” in the company’s history. Microsoft executives also said that  OEM base for Windows Phone 8 would be expanded to include Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC, all based on next-generation silicon from Qualcomm, across a wide range of prices and hardware capabilities

I have observed that their are developers in the community here in Nigeria that I have spotted with Windows Phone and they are excited about the phone. The services and products that the developers are building are not for them, but for the consumers. Are the consumers excited and looking forward to buy their first Window Phone device? Will you be getting a Windows Phone device as soon as it is available here in Nigeria?


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