Angry Birds Space: 10 Million Downloads In 3 Days

Editor’s Note: Remember we did a story about the launch of the ‘Angry Birds Space‘? That was only a few days ago, and now we just got word on how the app is fairing in the market place. Definitely something developers would be thrilled to read about. Draw Something by OMGPOP (recently acquired by Zynga) may have given the guys at Rovio a run for their money,  I’m pretty sure with these latest download figures of Angry Birds Space, an equilibrium may have just been attained.

The Mighty Eagle has landed! Released late last week, the latest edition of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise was downloaded 10 million times in its first three days. Unfortunately since the announcement came by way of a tweet, it doesn’t include detailed data concerning platform penetration or the number of people who paid $.99 for the extra levels (I did). But 10 million in three days!

10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more! 

TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook talked to Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka last week concerning the game. He indicated that this game is the company’s most important release to date. The company is no doubt happy with the results, and is hoping that at least some fans are celebrating the game with one of the pricey Angry Birds Space plush toys.

Rovio happened to run into a bit of controversy on the road to 10 million downloads though. Vesterbacka was quoted saying something to the effect that Rovio was not planning on making a version of Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone — an overblown statement that even caused one so-called analyst to become bearish on 3rd party WinPhone vendor Nokia. Rovio’s CEO latercorrected the statement saying a Windows Phone version is on the way.

Rovio isn’t going to rest on the success of Angry Birds Space like it did with its first games. The company plans on releasing four more Angry Birds games in 2012. We don’t have the details on the upcoming titles, but chances are the game involves slinging upset birds at green pigs.



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