Thinking Startup? How About Creating An Inspiring Office Space

Editor’s Note: The office space is often taken for granted, but contributes a lot to the success of a startup. How interesting is your workspace? Are you happy working in that space? Does your space tell who you are? That’s why we’ve decided to share some tips as regards ‘Creating An Inspiring Office Space’. Remember the office is not only made up of stuff, but people too.

A well-spaced office can help you improve productivity. Here’s how office set-up can improve your business.

1. Have flow in your office.

Desks should be grouped together in such a way that departments are located in the same place. By having this sort of separation, you’re reducing people being interrupted by colleagues from other departments, allowing them to do what they were hired to do.

2. Use IT professionals

Have an information technology expert and cabling professional set up your equipment and computers. This will help to get your computer network up and running properly right from the start and help improve your productivity because there are no breaks in technology.

3. Allow your team to decorate their desks

Obviously, this is within reason and professional boundaries. Everyone has their own eccentricities. The more they are able to express themselves and be who they are, the more they will feel comfortable at work.

4. Delegate someone as the office manager

There should be one person who is able to control the office and knows how the business functions. This helps your employees because should they be stuck, they’re able to ask the office manager who will then help them out. Should a certain document be needed, the office manager should have it. If there’s no stationery, the office manager should have some. And if something is broken, the office manager should know who to call to fix it.

5. Use Feng Shui, if your budget dictates

The Chinese principle of Feng Shui deals with flow and balance in a room. Having an expert come in to balance your office out will help you to bring a positive energy, where people find themselves thriving off the creative space to think.

Having an office that functions and works like it should is conducive to good business. If your structure and organisation is spot on, your team will be happy and comfortable within their jobs, which makes production that much smoother.


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