The Tech Trade: Your Privacy For Their Free Service

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Will you be comfortable with giving up some of your personal information online in order to continue using ‘free’ sites like Google and Facebook, or, in exchange for your privacy pay to use those once-free services in order to maintain the quality and access? Think about it? Are you willing to compromise on your ‘personal’ space and individuality on the internet. I once tried to log unto a site on my laptop and I needed was Facebook ID – nothing else.

There was a time of a different kind of online experience, when Internet users could reliably pretend to be other people, a time when everyone was cautioned about not giving out too much or if any personal information because you never knew exactly who you could be communicating with or, even worse, who might be secretly eavesdropping spies, competitors, the government. It was an era with a different set of rules, the days of the old internet however has become ancient.

The Internet in 2012 I can say the opposite is annoyingly true: almost absolutely everyone knows you more than you may know yourself, they know that you are exactly you, everything you purchase, comment on are freely available to anyone with no stress. It’s not that we are over-sharing or giving up too much information about ourselves these days but, rather, we simply cannot help or stop ourselves.

The world is agog with social media: Afroterminal, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, companies tracking their user’s activity on the Internet, creating profiles etc. This has led to a panic of the true definition of Internet privacy rights and what is applicable as government tries to reduce illegal activity on the Internet. Has this new twist to the internet affected its usage?

[As long as the market (internet) is still open, the trade will go on]


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