The iPad 3 to be released 1st Week Of March, Or Later.


Do you think the iPad2 came too soon after the release of first iPad? Then get ready for a shocker: Apple is preparing to announce the iPad 3! Ceteris Paribus, the announcement should come in the first week of March.

After the release of iPad 2 and the iPhone 4s, one will have to rack one’s brain to fathom the changes that the iPad 3 will bring. The next-gen tablet itself is reportedly an upgraded version of the iPad 2, but that’s expected. I’m guessing faster, lighter and longer lasting batteries.

Apple announced the iPad 2 in the same timeframe last year. Steve Jobs made a surprise return from medical leave to deliver the announcement. It was sadly the last Jobsnote. There’s no word who will take the stage and announce the iPad 3, though, may Steve Jobs will be watching from the ‘iCloud’.

I wouldn’t dismiss this being a rumor, but it’s still a safe bet that the iPad 3 announcement is right around the corner. Apple generally sends invites out two weeks in advance so the announcement could still happen this month, so we’d be watching.