The Faceoff: Facebook’s Response To Google Search

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Facebook is building a Google rival — this search engine is allegedly one that will use your location and your friends’ tastes. A team of more than 20 Facebook engineers led by a former Google programmer is said to be at work on a vastly improved search engine within Facebook, according to a Businessweek report. The idea is to take better advantage of the bucketload of content which Facebook users create on and off the site daily, the status updates, shared articles, videos, music from other sites, synchronization of other social media sites. 

Facebook has, however, debunked the rumor by saying “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation around our products”. But the signs  every where point to the fact that something is definitely n the oven. Is this a direct response to Google stepping into Facebook’s space? In the last few months, we have seen Google moved from being just a search engine by introducing its presence in the social space recently. This is evident in the roll out of the Google+ network and a “Search, Plus Your World” earlier this year.

Well, it will be interesting to see Facebook potentially make a stronger move into the search world. Though Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has consistently downplayed the level of direct competition between Facebook and Google. This denial can only for a little while. Think of it like the Rivalry between Coke and Pepsi, Nike and Reebok.  Zuckerberg stated during an interview with PBS, he said “I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation when one company wins all this stuff.”

If the Businessweek report is true, the seemingly endless competition in Silicon valley heats up once again. Will an improved social search engine within Facebook make you use Google Search less? Hmmm……I’ll let you decide or just google the answer.


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