Spinlet, The Mobile Music Startup Opens to Nigerians

A few minutes ago, I was able to access Spinlet from my mobile phone. At first trial, I was told that Spinlet is not available for my region – Nigeria. I got in touch with them and was told that they were working on the server and I would be able to access it in few mins. Spinlet was one of the sponsors and speakers during Mobile Web West Africa 2012. I was able to observe the product during the event at their stand. I saw it working on an Android, Blackberry and a Nokia phone–Symbian.

They have made it open to everyone now and you can access it from this moment. This is a developing post. We’re testing it and will be sharing our first impressions pretty soon. One of the things I was most impressed with during the demo was that operator billing was weaved into the service. That is you can buy music – digital content – from Spinlet with your phone credit. I tried it just now and it worked. Below are some screen shots while trying it on my Nokia N8.

To try it go to the native browser of your Symbian, Android or Blackberry and point your browser to Spinlet on mobile  [m.spinlet.com]

 When you download the app, let us know what you think about it. We are currently trying it out too.





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