Against The Odds, Internet Explorer Bounces Back

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According to new research Internet explorer is still the most popular web browser, even with its numerous problems and recent loss in the market. Net Applications has released information that the Internet Explorer’s use is on the increase again and up to 54.09 percent of the browser market. Firefox and Chrome are fighting it out for second place. Firefox is ahead only by a small margin with 20.20 percent of market share compared to Chrome’s 18.85 percent. Safari and Opera are struggling with less than 5 percent each.

Firefox has been on a steady decline since June last year with Chrome slowly rising, although it has been decreasing for the last few months. Firefox 13 is to be launched with improvements that may bring its users back to browser. The mobile browser market is tad different as Safari maintains the lead in the United States with 64 percent basically because of the increase in use of the iPhone (but Opera takes the lead in Africa). The Android browser has 18.87 percent with Opera Mini taking third place at 12.05 percent, Firefox Mobile, is near bottom with only 0.02 percent.

Apple products are in stiff competition as the iPad has surfaced the iPhone in iOS browsing with the iPad having a margin of about 6 percent. I am a huge fan of the internet explorer though occasionally use Firefox to open my Yahoo accounts.


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