#oTeKReview: Spinlet, Consume Music On Your Mobile With Ease, Anywhere

I have observed that there is an increasing number of people who take their music with them anywhere they go. With more people having a mobile phone that can store up to 1gb of music and more, we keep seeing an increase in the number of people moving around with their music.

There’s yet another way in which people move their music around in North America and some European countries, it is through the online music store. Popular among them is iTune and Spotify. These options are not available to Nigerians and the rest of Africa. Spinlet, a company founded in Finland, but with primary role of distributing music content digitally in the continent is looking to change all that and usher in a new dawn for all–music artist, their record label and the listeners of music in Africa.

Spinlet is primarily a mobile music distribution platform for the African market. They have been warming up for a while and they’ve been all over the media. They finally launched five days ago. I have been testing and spinning the service for a few days now. I present to you my thought about the product.

Design and ease of use.

Design isn’t just about beauty when we talk about mobile application. What is the value of an application that is beautifully designed but do not function well? This is the first time that Spinlet is opening to the public and it is available only to the Nigerian market for now.

Getting the app was very easy. I simply pointed my mobile browser to m.spinlet.com.

The Spinlet home page was opened and I was given the option to download the app. Downloading the app was a breeze. In a few minutes, I was home and dry ready to rock.

Navigating through the app was also pretty easy. There are three different options as soon as you open the app:

  1. Music,
  2. Store and
  3. Friends.

Music – This is where all the music you download from the store will be stored. All the music from your phone library will also be available here. The app comes with it’s own music player that integrates very well with your own personal music library.

You can see DJ Neptune Mix tape there. It’s from my personal music library


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