Spinlet Adds Support To Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Conference – All Amber

oTeKbits –   Lagos based company Spinlet officially announced today that a partnership with UK-based company, All Amber, for Mobile Web West Africa 2012 has been confirmed.  Spinlet is a company dedicated to providing Africa with the combination of music content and mobile devices.  Following on from their sponsorship of Mobile Web East Africa 2012 last February, Spinlet will formally extend support to the West African conference, which will take place in Lagos, Nigeria, later this month.

The conference will focus on the facilitation of the growth of the mobile ecosystem in the region through interaction and relationship building.  This ties in perfectly with Spinlet’s aim to revolutionise music distribution on the continent by making it available via the mobile handset.

A key element of the sponsorship agreement is that Spinlet will be hosting the Official Event Reception on the evening of the 25th April at the 5 Star Oriental Hotel on Victoria Island in Lagos.  Eric Idiahi, CEO of Spinlet, commented: “Because Mobile Web West Africa 2012 is focusing so strongly on local content and services, it’s the perfect platform for us to sponsor.

Furthermore because of the interactive nature of these events and the key stakeholders that are going to be in the room I’m really confident it will deliver many partnership opportunities.  It certainly did in Nairobi.”  In his address, Eric Idiahi will share the capability and exciting ambitions Spinlet has and the effect he hopes it will have on advancing the music industry and fighting the piracy markets in Africa.

Additionally, Ville Leino, Spinlet CTO, will be participating in the roundtable discussions on the next phase in the Africa music industry.

“I’m excited that Spinlet has again agreed to partner with us, this time for Mobile Web West Africa 2012.  Digitising African music is an area that I’m particularly focused on – there are millions of potential consumers both on the continent and globally in the diaspora.  Spinlet’s offering is a major step forward towards that and in developing economic opportunities for African artists, labels and investors in the digital space.  Their support is a testament to the caliber of organisations involved in this year’s Mobile Web West Africa event.” – Matthew Dawes, Founder & Managing Director of All Amber

Mobile Web West Africa 2012 will be held at the 5 Star Lagos Oriental Hotel in Nigeria on 25th & 26th April 2012.  Due to the interactive roundtable-seating format, attendance is limited to 160 people and as the venue is already approaching capacity, early booking is highly recommended.  Registrations can be made at www.mobilewestafrica.com and start-up companies and application developers are eligible for a 50% discount on attendance.


About Spinlet: Spinlet is a lifestyle entertainment company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them to buy, listen, share, and manage music all within a free user friendly mobile platform. http://spinlet.com

 About All Amber: All Amber events provide abundant networking opportunities, which have been proven to lead to growing business and new partnerships.  This is achieved by interactive roundtables and panel discussions. www.mobilewestafrica.com


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