#iQubeTTX Day 2 and Day 3 Recap

Don’t forget how awesome it was at #iQubeTTX on Day1 but Day2 and Day3 was more interesting. Aside people learning more about technology, there were also hands-on sessions. This was definitely the first of its type in Nigeria as far as the participants are concerned. You can read more about the #iQubeTTX Day 1 event here.

As it was on Day 1, different speakers took the stage to share live experience on different issues. Taiwo Orilogbon of Jobberman took the participants on a journey on developing application on mobile and web. He highlighted the need to focus on developing problem solving solution for the market. There was also sessions on Python, C++, Qt, Linux, and Java. These session were taken by different iQubers.

The third day was superb as it was hands-on and lecture on some tech industry relevance as the first session was also grouped for programming skills hands-on before Daniel Toyin of Mtech came on stage to lecture us on SMS, IVR, USSD, SMSC, MO e.c.t.

And the class was regrouped again to the previous day programming classes by iQubers, but the most captivating, informative and interacting session was Adeyemi Fowe presentation which was based on how to use internet effectively. There were some important quote which I quoted some below:

“In terms of technology, we don’t know what we want and we don’t know what we need but we know what we don’t have thanks to Foreign Media” – A call for Bloggers to deliver local contents/information to reader.

“A lot of high-tech problems are yet unsolved. Dare to extend the state-of-the-art” – Google has not developed all the solution J

“Don’t run to Paradise… build it” – The Paradise you are running to was built by some people.

And some more and more interest stuffs of using internet in a positive way. The last speaker was Wale Owoeye the Co-Founder of Cedarview Ltd who talked about GSM, GPRS, 3G and LTE after then it was the certificate session which ended the training. So far it was wonderful but you can still catch all the moment with pictures of the training from our flickr’s account.

We also had Nubi Kayode (Garden Mechanic, oTeKbits) come in on Day 3. He encouraged developers and programmers to keep doing what they did, and do more, as that’s local content in itself. He emphasized the need to showcase local product and talent, and welcomed developers to enjoy the platform oTeKbits offered.


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