Samsung Unveils Galaxy SIII: Will The Company Keep Number One Spot?

Yesterday, we saw the Sammy company release a product that would push them farther ahead as the number one smartphone manufacturer. I remember reading it a year ago, when they made some forecasts and projected that they were going to make solid growth. They have worked towards it and their customers have supported them and pushed them to the height they are today.

It won’t be unusual to think of Samsung when you think of Android. In Kenya, where Android is very popular, the two brands that they are very familiar with are Samsung and Huawei. I discovered this  in a conversation with a friend. Also here in Nigeria, Samsung is very vibrant in the way it markets in range of phones running Android, even using celebrity endorsement.

Now, they have come out with a new bang! Yesterday, they introduced the well anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII to the market in London.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has some impressive specifications. But, you and I know that only the geeks and the techies can interpret and go wow! about superb specs. The average users go wow only when those specs are translated into lay man terms.

What are the Specifications?

It has a 2100mAh battery (The Samsung galaxy Nexus has 1750mAh and the Samsung Galaxy SII has 1650mAh). What this means is that with its very fast processor — Samsung’s new 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor, aided by a fresh GPU that is supposedly 65 percent faster than what is found in Samsung galaxy SII—they’ve added more juice to the power. It comes in 16/32/64gb internal storage capacity and the screen size is 4.8”. Phones are getting larger and larger.


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