RIM Sponsors Developer Day At Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Conference – All Amber

oTeKbits –  All Amber, the organiser of premier mobile-related events in Africa, today announced that Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry® solution, is sponsoring an application developer day on April 24 as part of the Mobile Web West Africa 2012 conference taking place on April 25 and 26, 2012 at the 5 star Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

The BlackBerry Application Developer Day will help promote the development and monetisation of local applications in the region. Up to 20 developers will have their attendance at the three-day conference covered and an opportunity to participate in a developer competition with prizes ranging from BlackBerry® smartphones to a trip to the next BlackBerry® Developer Conference in Europe in February 2013. Full details of the competition can be found here. More information about the BlackBerry Application Developer Day can be gotten here.

The Mobile Web Africa series of conferences aims to support the growth of the mobile sector across sub-Saharan Africa, a shared objective of RIM and All Amber.  Mobile Web West Africa returns to Lagos after its sell-out event in 2011. RIM’s sponsorship of the highly regarded Mobile Web Africa series conference is an illustration of the company’s commitment to the mobile industry in the region.

RIM is pleased to partner with Mobile Web West Africa to support the evolution of the mobile ecosystem in this region. As the leading provider of smartphones in Nigeria, this event provides a great opportunity to network with West Africa’s most talented mobile developers and support them with new ideas and information about developing for the BlackBerry platform. – Waldi Wepener, Regional Director, East, Central and West Africa, RIM [comment]

To have the support of an organisation like RIM is an illustration of how important this conference is and the opportunity available to developers in this region. Across the continent, mobile web and applications help to create new opportunities for developers, and provide entertainment or tools for people to be productive, efficient and connected. RIM has really put a stake in the ground in terms of their commitment to Nigeria. – Matthew Dawes, Managing Director of All Amber [comment]

Over 75% of places at the event have already been reserved. So. please react quickly if you’re interested in getting involved.  Visit www.mobilewestafrica.com to book your place; start-ups and developers are entitled to a 50% discount on attendance.

About All Amber

All Amber was founded in 2009 by Matthew Dawes to produce interactive, discussion-based events specifically aimed at high-level strategists in mobile technology across Africa. To date, All Amber events are industry-leading and highly acclaimed.

All Amber events provide abundant networking opportunities, which have been proven to lead to growing business and new partnerships.  This is achieved by:

  • A highly interactive roundtable seating format to facilitate genuinely constructive discussion and networking
  • Panel discussions featuring senior strategists from industry leading companies
  • Networking sessions designed to encourage maximum interaction between attendees

For more information please visit www.mobilewestafrica.com.

Media contacts: Andrew Mowbray (Communications Director, All Amber) comms@allamber.co.uk.



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