oTeKReview: Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Dynamite In Your Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a low-budget and entry-level smartphone. It was recently launched by Samsung and I have had my hands on it and played with it for a week.

If you have been following the hashtag #GalaxyPocket on Twitter, you would have seen a few points I have shared. I am going to be delving a little bit deeper in the post I am doing here. I will also be delighting you with some screenshots.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a 2.8” TFT Capacitive touchscreen—you don’t need a sharp object or a stylus to operate it. Your hands are enough.

1. It weighs only 97g (That’s very light and good for your pocket). It has an internal storage capacity of 3G. That is good, better than what I got from the Samsung Galaxy Gio, which is even more expensive that the Galaxy pocket and having only 158mb. What this means is that you have provision to store lots of apps and have enough memory left for the phone to work without saying out of memory.

2. It came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It will support quite a lot of the apps that are available in the Google Play [Formerly called Android market]

3. It has wireless hotspot. If you have enough internet on your phone and you wish to share it with your iPad/tablet, computer or any other wi-fi enabled devices this feature will come in handy. That is what I have been using for a few days now.

4. There’s a built-in FM Stereo in the phone, You can listen to your favourite local radio station using the beautiful while 3.5mm earphone that came with it. The earphone is loud, but the quality is not so impressive.

Features may be awesome, but what is better is how well those features are able to deliver and serve the interest of the user. I will like to say upfront that the Samsung Galaxy Pocket is marketed as a low entry-level Smartphone, especially targeted at the teenage and very young folks.

Setting up the Samsung Galaxy Pocket was very easy

Since it is an Android phone, you require a Gmail account be able to have a full advantage of the phone. I used my Gmail account to sign into the phone and went ahead and downloaded my very first app, like it is always the case with me, Twitter. I did not have to configure internet setting. The phone automatically gets the setting and you just start using it.

Setting up a secondary email

I use Gmail and another email. It was easy for me to use the Gmail app to set up my email and it synced my contacts with the phone immediately. It wasn’t also difficult to have my secondary email up and running. [I should write an article on how to activate a Google Android phone for first time users]

Call Quality and Clarity

The Samsung Galaxy pocket has a very clear and loud-speaker. There haven’t been any complains that folks I speak with cannot hear me.


The camera is a mere 2MP and do not have flash. This means you cannot shoot photos at night or when it is dark inside. To get the best of photo, you have to ensure that you are shooting outdoor with enough light. This is a photo of sunset I shot with the camera at 6pm. It is unedited.


The CPU is spotting 800MHz. This makes the phone very fluid and fast. Even after I have downloaded several apps, and have multiple apps running at the background sometimes, I do not experience any sort of hanging.