CcHub Nigeria Launches Idea2020

Co-creation Hub Nigeria today announcedthe launch of “Idea2020” – one of the products from its lab. According to the information made available on the project’s website, Ideas2020 is setup to support the process of getting Nigeria to rank amongst the top 20 economies in World by 2020. This creates a platform for you to participate in effective governance by contributing innovative ideas that will drive the economy by 2020.

What is Idea2020?

Ideas2020 is an independent, citizens’ driven initiative based in Nigeria with the aim to:

  • Seek citizens’ ideas for Nigeria economic development
  • Help stimulate a debate about solutions to our economic problems
  • Set a challenge to people in Nigeria to be innovative and creative and to play their part in planning this country’s economic development

Ideas2020 allows anyone (citizens, community groups, media and government, etc) to submit ideas and track progress of Nigeria’s Vision 2020 via the internet. Moreso,  Idea2020 makes it easy and fun for everyone to see, click and submit an idea.

The area of focus includes Education, Health, Polity, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Macro-economy and Manufacturing.

How Does Idea2020 work?

  1. Idea owners submit community-based micro projects that are ready to be implemented. Each micro-project should require not more than N500,000 to implement
  2. User log-in to the website to vote and comment on idea. There are two registration methods available – free registration system developed for ideas2020, and Facebook login.
  3. Users are only allowed to vote once on an idea (Up for like or Down for dislike). Once a user votes, it cannot be changed.  However, you can  still vote on other ideas submitted on the website.
  4. At the end of every quarter, the top 3 voted ideas would be reviewed by ideas2020 panel of experts based on suitability of the  idea, potential impact on the community, ease of implementation and personality of the proponent. One idea will emerge that would be funded by a CcHUB partner organization.

To learn more about Idea2020, click here.