Panasonic:This Is The Biggest TV You’ll Ever See

Contributor: Godwin Bassey is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices. You can follow him on twitter – @DaTecNerd

How about an absolutely massive TV? Panasonic’s commercial 4k2k, 152-inch monster plasma screen is now on sale to regular consumers. The 600kg screen has four-times the resolution of your puny full HD TV, and is the same size as nine 50-inch TVs stacked in three rows. It’ll even do 3D and has a 17:9 ratio that matches the cinema screen. I’m not sure I have a wall big enough in the house to take this, but then if you’re not phased by dropping over N150,000,000 on a TV, I doubt wall space will be an issue.


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