oTeKReview: @DaTecNerd Takes On Gbedumobile’s BlackBerry App

Editor’s Note: Godwin Bassey is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices. You can follow him on twitter – @DaTecNerd. @MayowaOwolabi of Gbedumobile had a tip of the review prior posting, and show appreciation for the feedback offered. ‘You’d notice some improvement soon’ – he said. Read on to see what’s likely to improve.

After viewing www.gbedumobile.com/m on my Bold 9900’s native browser (which has full support for HTML5 by the way) and on my PC (via firefox 11.0) afterwards I noticed that:

  • The navigation links are inactive, excluding the “New Songs” & “Library” links and there is quite a delay in response when viewing from my PC (that should be looked into).
  • There is no information page available to mobile viewers like an “About Us” or a “Contact Us” page as some visitors might want more than to just view or download music.
  • The initial page (New Songs) is pretty long and would take a little more time to load if for instance I have a terrible web service delivery at the time of visit. It would be better if the page is shortened to reduce the need to scroll to often and hasten the page load time.
  • The download page currently lacks info on the selected song , it just displays an Album Art which is good but not enough. I just might be drifted away or might have a call while I’m about to click the download button. It is always a plus to know that when i come back to what I was doing, I am reminded what song/track I was about to download.

Apparently there is a full webpage that contains proper info on the site, what the company is all about and a contact page here www.gbedumobile.com. Regardless, I would prefer (as previously stated) that it is also included in the mobile site, you never know when someone needs the info on the go.

Lastly: Some work is being done by Gbedumobile for mobile app versions for iOS, Blackberry and Android devices but it is still currently in the beta phase. Let’s just hope we are impressed by what is delivered.
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About Gbedumobile

Gbedumobile is a music service that allows music lovers access to a rich library of music and music related content directly from their mobile devices courtesy of the Gbedumobile application that can be downloaded for free.

Music lovers can search for music, buy premium content, download free content and share with friends via social media channels. Artistes and record labels can promote their work(s) as well as reach a global audience and help reduce the effects of piracy and illegal downloads.

The vision is to make music readily available to all music lovers everywhere, at any time and in any place.


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