Developing Series 40 web apps for the next billion

Nokia continues its quest to push more mobile phones into the hand of the next billion and is therefore working at winning the souls of developers with its latest upcoming webinar. The primary aim of the webinar is to introduce developers to the Nokia Web Tools and Web Developer Environment. Developers will be introduced to the key features they need to design, create, edit, debug, package and deploy their content as Series 40 web apps.

Who should attend the webinar? Web and mobile app developers who want to expand reach and visibility of their content and services.

Expected Learning: At the end of the training, developers would be equipped with the following:

  • How you can work with Nokia to deliver “Web for the Next Billion”.
  • Introduction and architectural overview of Ovi Browser and Series 40 Web Apps.
  • Demonstration of several Series 40 Web Apps from leading web brands and application developers.
  • Live demonstrations and hands-on exercises using the Nokia Web Tools to create Series 40 Web Apps and
  • How to develop and publish your own Series 40 Web Apps

The training will take place on 19 and 20 April 2011. For more details on the webinar and how to register, do visit Nokia Webinar.

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