Nokia Releases SDK For Java

Nokia yesterday, officially, released the Nokia SDK for Java for download from Nokia Developer website. This will definitely ease the work of Java developers as the Nokia SDK for Java unifie Java development across multiple Nokia platforms into one convenient tool. This goes a long way in helping to simplify development and testing. Also, developers will not need multiple Series 40 SDKs  as  the Java SDK now forms the basis for development support of future Series 40 platform versions. This thereby eliminating the need for multiple Series 40 SDKs.

The Benefits:

This first full release supports the development of Series 40 6th Edition, Feature Pack 1 applications. It also provides several new features, including:

  • Cell ID support in the Location API for J2ME™ (JSR-179).
  • The ability to capture images using a PC webcam to simulate using a phone’s camera.
  • A drag-and-drop feature for previewing all SDK-supported content types.
  • Support for 65 languages.

Aside all these, development of applications using Java™ technology is supported by this SDK. The SDK also supports creation of web and messaging content is supported by this SDK.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Nokia Developer page to download the Java SDK.