No More Root Access by Default on CyanogenMod 9

This may come as a shock to some Android fans and also this news may not also hold water to the deeply initiated android fan. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular Android ROMs around and currently supports 70 devices and is believed to be in used by 1.5 million active devices.  Many technically-inclined Android users “root” their devices, a process that allows them to circumvent some of the operating system’s built-in restrictions by running at an elevated superuser privilege level. Rooting opens up advance capabilities within the Android Operating system that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

The developers behind CyanogenMod have decided that starting from CM9, installation of CM custom ROM on devices will come unrooted. If a user however decides to root his device, then he would definitely know what he is getting into. The developers on the CM blog post elaborated on their decision:

“On a default CyanogenMod installation, root usage will have to be explicitly enabled by the user. This means that the user is fully aware that any application that uses root may perform actions that could compromise security, stability and data integrity. Once enabled, the process mirrors that of the current process, apps that request root will be flagged by the SuperUser.apk and the user will have to grant selective access.”

Well to the already initiated, this isn’t a problem.



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