Nigerian Techies Become Rock Stars At Tech Jamz

Get your rock on! That’s the message from the team at oTeKbits for the local tech community. Hackathons are cool, Showcase Tuesdays are not to bad either (kudos Co-Creation Hub), but it’s time for developers and other players in the tech community to get social.

Thanks for the support from the Co-Creation Hub (and maybe Maliyo Games), we’d ba having the maiden edition of Tech Jamz  on Saturday, 16th of June, 2012 at 16:00 HRS.

The idea of the event is have members of the hub interact and participate, thereby breeding collaboration, while at the same time attract other techies to the hub for networking.

Activities to include:

Pair/Group Karaoke

Live music performance

Instrumental renditions

Games by MALIYO

Launch of Virtual Developer Community: StackArena

You can register for the event here and start rehearsing those songs. If you want to make an instrumental rendition or live performance – song, poem, spoken words, etc,  feel free to contact Nubi Kayode – E. .T. 08155347979. t. @NubiKayode or just use the comment box below.

*Refreshment are available at subsidized rate


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