Nigerian ICT Advocate hosts Hangout with 2011 Android Developer Challenge Finalists

Nigerian ICT Advocate, Gbenga Sesan will be holding a live Google Plus hangout session with finalists of this year’s Android Developer Challenge. This year’s challenge winners include
  1. Nigeria’s Afrinolly App,
  2. Kenya’s Olaleshe and
  3. Kenya’s Shoppers’ Delight App.
The Google Plus Hangout will be held on Thursday, 17 November at 12 Noon (Nigerian Time). Gbenga will be using the session to post questions to the finalists on what it takes to build a winning app among others. The live session will provide an opportunity for African web developers, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to hear from the winners about
  • the developers’ experience building their winning applications,
  • what their experience has been like since winning the contest and
  • their plans for the future.

The session will be held in collaboration with Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub, Kenya’s iHub and the Umbono Tech Incubator in Cape Town.

If you are a web developer, entrepreneur and / start-up owner and wish to contribute to the session, you are expected to post your questions via the session’s Google Moderator page here before Thursday.