Nigeria Firm offers Intranet Portal Solutions for SMEs

Recently there have been an increase in demand for office automation solutions. Most of the time, the available solutions are really expensive to acquire and as a result companies turn to rely on custom built office automation solutions. Offcourse we know that building a highly scalable and reliable solutions takes time and planning. Time is one thing we never have in abundance in a fast growing and competitive industry.

Doing a random sampling of locally made office automation solutions here in Nigeria, I stumbled upon Precurio. Precurio is expect to be the answer that most Small and Medium sized companies within Nigeria have been praying for. Precurio is locally supported by Klein Decort Limited, a Nigeria based software development outfit.

What is Precurio?

Precurio is an easy to use, visually attractive intranet portal solutions designed for small and medium sized establishments. It emphasises on workflow automation, document management, collaboration and robust reports generation. It was conceived in 2007 as a response to the difficulty in setting up off-the-shelf intranet based solutions and also how impossible it is to customize such solutions to company specific needs.

Precurio was originally built on the Flash Platform and was later redesigned in 2009 taking advantage Ajax features found in most commonly used web browsers. By 2010, Precurio finally became open source.


Precurio promises a lot of features and functionalities from a pleasing user experience to robust functionalities found in Enterprise systems. Below are some of the things you can achieve with Precurio:

  • News and Announcements
  • Workflow Automation and Approvals
  • Opinion Poll
  • Social features like Birthday reminders,featured employee,microblogging and photo upload
  • Instant messaging
  • Events directory
  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Employee/Staff Directory
Also Klein Devort is open to the idea of customizing and adding company specific requirements as desired though this doesn’t come with the open source offer. For more specific needs you will need to subscribe to some support plan.

How much does it cost?

So I did say this was an open source software right? Well you would have to check the proper definition of open source. In as much as the software is available for free  downloads and you can literally go the cow boy route and extend it as you see fit, for the less technical, there is an available support service which is relatively cheap to subscribe to.

There are different support category from the Free Plan, Start Plan, Standard Plan, Developer Plan and Premium Plan. Of course we know depending on your demand and needs the support fees varies. Considering the benefits to be gained, the support plans are relatively cheap as compared to getting such functionality from commercial grade software in the same category as Precurio. Click here to review the current support fees.

System Requirements

All you need is a PHP ready web server with MySQL database running. For the client side however a fairly recent web browser with ajax support is all you need.

To find out more …

To find out more about Precurio, visit the product site at To know about Klein Devort the company supporting this platform here in Nigeria, visit the company’s website.

Below are some screen shots of Precurio.