NIPOST Postal Service Site – Zip code lookup service and more.

So maybe most times we never take the time out to appreciate simple application developed locally.  I stumbled upon the NIPOST postal code lookup service by chance. Actually I think I did a Google search for Nigeria States zip codes and this site came up. One time or the other you may have wanted to fill some application form or something and you were expected to provide your area’s zip code. We know how difficult it is to get this information here in Nigeria, especially in these days emails and text messages. You would be surprise that most people today have never been or used the post office.

I stumbled upon the Nigeria Postal Service website and I was impressed by the simple Urban Postal Code search tool. It also has several mini features like Track Your Mail,Post Office Locator,Post office box registration, Counter Automation (I wonder what that is).

Why we continue to ask for improve service delivery from most government establishment, it is worth celebrating what works. This shows that we can get to a point that things work in Nigeria. Yes, we can have a situation where we can make use of technology here in Nigeria to improve our everyday operations and businesses. It doesn’t have to be a big and complex technical idea or solution. As long as it works and solve local problem, it is worth celebrating.

If you are still thinking about how to locate your post code, visit the NIPOST website for more information.

The screenshot of the site is also shown below: