Near Field Communication (NFC) to become New SIM Card standard

Up till now, the choice of NFC capable smartphones was limited. The same can be said about the uses for Near Field communication. But with the latest decision from the GSM association (an unofficial business grouping in the mobile branch) Near Field Communication could enjoy a Renaissance of sorts. The GSM has decided to began world-wide implementation of NFC capable SIM cards in the near future.

GSM association members include: T-mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon to name just a few. With players like that NFC is destined for a truly global launch regardless, if the market is ready for it or not. While the praticial uses of NFC technology are still limited (unless you have a Nexus S or a Galaxy Nexus in your pocket) but with support from the GSM association hardware manufactures are sure to follow suit.

If you are interested in using NFC tech. On an older handset there is hope as well. The SD association has made plans public to introduce a NFC SD card, which should bring the new communications technology to older Android handsets. With more then 1000 companies signing on to the plan, it truly looks like NFC is here to stay.