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oTeKbits – All Amber Ltd, the organiser of premier mobile-related events in Africa, today announced plans for the second annual Mobile Web West Africa conference.  The conference, which will take place April 24th through 26th at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, will cater to the entire range of individuals involved in the West African mobile sector.

The event includes the two-day Mobile Web West Africa conference and a separate day, which is being hosted by BlackBerry, dedicated exclusively to the development of applications for mobile phones.  The ambitious plans are designed to build on the massively successful 2011 edition and further establish Mobile Web West Africa as the leading mobile-focused conference in the region.

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What to Expect at #MWWA2012

International, continental and local speakers have been integrated into the unique All Amber business-focused, interactive environment and will offer a comprehensive dissection of key mobile web and mobile application topics.  The speaker faculty includes representatives from key industry players including MXit, Bozza, Twinpine, InMobi, Storm 360, Eskimi, Spinlet, TBWA Africa and Research in Motion.

All Amber Managing Director Matthew Dawes commented: “After the feedback we received in 2011 we really wanted to step everything up for this year’s conference.  Even before the official launch interest has been extremely high.  My message to anyone interested is simple: get in touch and let’s organise how you can get involved.”

The full structure of the conference:

  • Tuesday 24th April – App Developer Day sponsored by BlackBerry
  • Wednesday 25th April – First Day of Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Main Conference
  • Thursday 26th April – Second Day of Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Main Conference


For further details please contact:
Andrew Mowbray, Communications Director, All Amber: comms@allamber.co.uk


About Amber:

All Amber was founded in 2009 by Matthew Dawes and produces interactive, discussion-based events specifically aimed at high-level strategists in mobile technology across Africa.  To date, All Amber events are industry leading and highly acclaimed.

The events provide abundant networking opportunities, which have been proven to lead to growing business and new partnerships.  This is achieved through:

  • A highly interactive roundtable seating format that facilitates genuinely constructive discussion and networking
  • Panel discussions featuring senior strategists from industry leading companies
  • Networking sessions designed to encourage maximum interaction between attendees

For more information please visit www.mobilewestafrica.com.


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