Interview: Yomi Adegboye (Founder, Mobility) To Chair Mobile Web West Africa 2012

Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Conference (MWWA2012) is here, and we are already rolling out pre-event updates. Not to miss any of the action, follow us on twitter – @oTeKbits, and get updates from our Mobile Web W.Africa 2012 blog channel. We’ve already shared what to expect from the conference, in term of companies that’d be represented and showcasing product, including InMobi, Spinlet, RIM, and tech personalities as well.

We took time out to interview Yomi Adegboye popularly known as Mister Mobility, as his name made the list of people who’d be taking the center stage at the Mobile Web West Africa 2012 conference – 25th and 26th of April at Oriental Hotel. He shares some interesting information about himself as a dual personality – Yomi Adegboye and Mister Mobility. He also talks about the Mobility brand, his role at the MWWA2012; not forgetting to talk about the relevance of the event as well as his expectations from the Mobile Web West Africa 2012 conference.

See Interview below:

Tell us about yourself – Yomi Adegboye and Mister Mobility?

I am a graduate of Architecture & Design from the University of Lagos, but I have always loved gadgets from childhood. I used to play with my father’s PDAs as a child. I have owned and used exactly 79 mobile devices from 2002 till date, and I have reviewed many others which were not my personal property.

Besides mobile, I used to run a leading Nigerian webhost (sold in 2011). I also write (I have some books in the pipeline)  and speak at conferences and other events. I am also Chairman of the board of Greenhall Schools located here in Lagos.

On the personal front, I am funloving, daring, adventurous, and a lover of music and dance, among other arts.

Tell us about the Mobility Brand in brief

Mobility is a blog with a goal to present mobile technology in simple, easy-to-grasp presentation for everyone – tech people and the everyday Joe on the street. Our primary focus is device reviews, tips & guides, opinion pieces, and my personal adventures with mobile. We also have a sprinkling of news. Mobility Blog was launched in May 2008 as “Mobility Nigeria.” However, its scope soon outgrew Nigeria, and we re-branded to the present identity.

Mobility has readers from all continents, but 70% of our readership is still from Nigeria. It is also interesting that over 65% of our traffic is mobile.

We are an influential voice in the mobile sphere here. For example, we have ongoing relationships with global brands like Nokia and RIM (makers of BlackBerry). Our opinion pieces also have helped shape the outlook of the Nigerian mobile landscape. For example, an article that I did challenging manufacturers to open up their app stores to Nigeria was influential in RIM officially opening up the BlackBerry App World to the country a few days later.


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